Our production is specialized in scissors for manicure, pedicure and hairdresser. We work to provide our clients the best tools for their beauty care.

The iron working tradition

BARUFFALDI F.LLI SNC is a family company, founded in 1960 and handed down from the father to his four children. The company works in the district of Premana (Italy), famous for its worldwide production of cutting tools, such as scissors and knives: a place where the tradition of iron working dates back to the 13th century.

The Baruffaldi family over the years focused its production on beauty and self-care products, becoming a leader of this market with their articles: scissors and nippers for manicure and pedicure, hairdresser scissors and, recently, a cosmetics line.

Premana Italy

60 years of expertise

During 60 years of activity, the amount of know-how and expertise acquired allows the company to guarantee high-level standards of its products. Together with a deep knowledge of the industry, the employment of the most advanced technologies and a selected, capable staff, we are proud to offer to our clients top quality products, always at competitive prices.

Baruffaldi Scissors Production 11

Accessories for beauty and hairdresser

Our catalogue has been integrated with a variety of accessories for beauty and hairdresser, lines of cosmetics for hair and beard. The enlargement of our offer provides a complete experience for our customers, who are now able to find a complete range of products which can fully satisfy their needs.
Linea BaruffaldiBIO


Our customers take beauty- and self-care very seriously, and so do we. Our team is fully open to communicate with clients, dialogue with them and willing to develop new products on request, expanding our product range. This approach, open to change and to experimentation, supported by good skills and competence is what defines us: innovation that moves the name of tradition.

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Baruffaldi man line


Elegant leather case composed by nail file, tweezers, nail clippers and mustache/ beard scissors.

Complete with everything you need to take care of the face and hands,

and ideal to carry with you.